Początek: 6 grudnia 2016
Koniec: 6 grudnia 2016

Miejsce wydarzenia

Wrocław, Powstańców Śląskich 95

GPS: 51.0939798, 17.0198484

Opłaty i bilety

Nasze wspólne rozmowy, są bezpłatne i otwarte na każdego, kto lubi mówić po angielsku. Żadna rejestracja nie jest konieczna. Każda komunikatywna osoba jest mile widziana. 🙂

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What do our meetings look like? Our meetings are dedicated to sociable, talkative and open minded people, who enjoy meeting others and discussing all the interesting topics that come to their minds. We cultivate the disappearing art of real conversation, without deafening noise, crawling crowds and all that disturbing stuff.
Our main objective is to get everybody speaking. That’s why at the beginning, the whole group divides into pairs – you don’t have to worry about speaking a foreign language in front of a big group of people. The topics of conversations are up to you. After every 30-45 minutes we change partners and keep talking. One thing’s certain: you’ll get to speak as much as you’ll want. Our conversations are fun and efficient. You won’t event notice how quickly you’ll become a fluent english speaker 🙂

How to find us? Go to the first floor and look for an incredible interactive wall gallery consisting of 45 LCD screens joined together 🙂 It is 2 meters high and 15 meters wide, so you can’t miss it! Find someone wearing a t-shirt with the picture that you see inside the circle from this event’s cover photo. Congratulations! You’ve found us 🙂

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We appreciate all your feedback 🙂

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Please respect our host and don’t bring in food from the outside. If you want to eat or drink something, buy it at the bar that is available in the cafe.